The Founder


Mr. Divyesh Patel, the founder of WallCera Pvt. Ltd, is a visionary entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in ceramic sector. He has seen the most challenging as well as most rewarding periods in this massive sector. Holding expertise in setting up and running sustainable businesses, he promises to make WallCera the most accepted wall tiles brand in the world.

His words, “We understand that in the long run, companies that rank in the first two to three will survive, grow and enjoy the real fruits of establishment. We also accept that it is teamwork that leads to such an extraordinary brand leadership in the world. We have set out to become a premium respected brand and we are confident of achieving the prime goal of global leadership. We work together to give a royal impression to the homes across the world.”

His penchant for innovation and driving youth towards betterment makes sure the management of the company is always on its toes to improve. Leading by example, he makes sure his decision and actions are in alignment with his rabid drive for high quality and maximum customer satisfaction. In fact, he believes more in delighting the customer, thereby putting the brand in the customer’s heart, where it lives forever.