At WallCera Pvt. Ltd., we have established latest manufacturing technology. A lot of critical machinery has been imported and adopted from international experts. With a sustainable and efficient Italian technology forming the backbone of the company, we can proudly presume that ours is the most advanced wall tiles manufacturing unit in India.

The whole manufacturing system comprises of indigenous equipment’s as well, making it very productive and smooth. The free flowing layout of the production unit ensures fast and continuous production, packing and storage of finished goods. Distinguished departments of the production set out clear and specific goals for the workers and operatives to play their role fully without distractions.

The material movement and people movement do not hinder flow of production, minimizing process losses.

Ample space for storage empowers us to produce in large capacities and store product ready to dispatch for clients with huge order, especially exports. We estimate our production house to dispatch 4-5 container loads of tiles per day.