Products and services are the spokesperson of any company. Our products are manufactured to give a royal impression to the consumer.
The first lot of our products will include 10” x 15” (230 x 375 mm) and 12” x 18” (300 x 450 mm) sets available in wide variety of looks, feel and style. The plethora of designs gives ample choice to the buyer to match the vision he has for his walls. Interior designers and architects will find our products meeting their vivid imaginations to the minutest details. Produced to meet international standards, we would not be surprised when our tiles garnish the walls of many countries across the world.
Our design team works in consistent conjunction with global designers, marketers and brand experts to make sure our wall tiles, though new will be favorably accepted in the all markets. The designs that we produce will be ideal for our channel partners, importers, retailers and distributors. We expect our tiles to be the pride of the owners, and will bring in lot of word of mouth publicity for the brand.